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What's Virginia Rider Magazine all about & who is it for?

Virginia Rider Magazine is a free print & online monthly publication with motorcycle news & information, rider-friendly businesses, events, great places to ride & more, for ALL motorcycle communities of Virginia &          West Virginia. It doesn’t matter what you ride – Standard, Cruiser, Sportbike, Dual Sport, Adventure Tourer, Scooter, Trike, Four Wheeler & Off Road….we'll have something for everyone!

How often does the magazine come out?

Virginia Rider is available with a new edition online & in print every month. You can read the current issue on the MAGAZINE page here on our site. 

How do you get a copy of Virginia Rider Magazine each month?

There are 3 ways that you can read Virginia Rider Magazine every month:

  1. Pick up your free copy at any of our advertiser's locations, starred in our Rider Friendly Business Directory.

  2. Read it online here at our website on the MAGAZINE page. 

  3. Sign up on our website with your email to receive a copy of Virginia Rider in your inbox each month

I’m a business owner & would like to advertise in Virginia Rider. What size ads do you offer? Do I have to sign a long term contract?

We have a variety of ad sizes & special locations for your ads such as a front or back cover or the centerfold which is a 2 page center spread ran vertically or horizontally. We have available ad space on page headers or footers as well as different size ads such as a business card, quarter page, third page, half page or full page. 

We can also customize an ad to almost any size that you’d like. Email us & we’ll be happy to design the perfect ad for your business. There are No contracts. You can cancel your ad at anytime before the 15th of the month for the following month's issue.

How much is a business ad?

Our pricing is much different than other magazines. We base our prices on the season & location of the ad, not the one size fits all prices for ads. Prices vary depending on size, location & duration. We often run SPECIALS for limited periods.  Email us & we’ll help you find the perfect ad with the best price to fit your business needs.


We’ve been publishing motorcycle magazines for nearly 15 years & we understand that when the colder weather hits, many motorcycle related businesses slow down a bit. For that reason, we offer “off season” rates for certain types of ads so that your ad will continue running each month & won't miss out on being seen by our readers & they'll know that you’re still open for business. Advertising in the “off season” is just smart business!  If you offer sales online, we definitely can help you drive your online sales through the roof during the colder months. No matter what the weather is like outside, Virginia Rider is here for you & we'll be publishing a magazine every month of the year.

I would like to advertise in Virginia Rider but I don’t have an ad already made for my business. Do you design ads?

Yes we do! We have a professional Design & Layout team that can make an amazing ad for your business at a very affordable rate. In fact, if you’ll be advertising with us,we'll design your first ad for free! Send us an Email & we'll work together to make you an amazing ad for your business! 

How can I get my business listed in the Rider-Friendly Business Directory & receive magazines at my shop each month? 

If you're placing an ad with us, we'll automatically include you in the Rider-Friendly Business Directory which will be in each month’s issue of the magazine & on the Rider-Friendly page here on our website.  As an advertiser, you'll have magazine automatically shipped to you each month!   

​How do we submit events into the events calendar?

You can Email us your event details & also attach your event flyer.  Be sure to include contact information (name/phone/email), date, times, location with full street address & city in Virginia, costs/fees, & a rain date. You’ll receive a confirmation email. IMPORTANT: We can only guarantee posting of events that are sent to us via email by the 15th of each month for the following month's issue. 

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